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Black History Month

Celebrate BLACK HISTORY MONTH    2016 Exhibit Photos
Free Art & Artifacts Exhibit

February 6th-20th, 2016

Reception 2-4 PM, Saturday February 6th
The Nick Rodriguez Community Center, 213 F Street, Antioch, CA

The exhibit will provide a timeline of historical events featuring art, artifacts, literature, and creative arts that reflect the African American experience in America. The exhibit also features a time line of African American history from Africa to the present and provides an opportunity to taste traditional beverages and desserts. The goals are to promote dignity and pride in the African American community and provide cross cultural education for the larger community.

The Exhibit will provide a great educational experience for families and elementary and high school student groups.  For more information, email or call Diane Gibson-Gray at (925) 325-9897 or Carrie Frazier (925) 787-4827.

 Exhibit Hours



Feb. 6th  (Sat.)

2-4 PM

Feb. 9th   (Tues.)

12-5 PM

Feb. 10th (Wed.)

12-5 PM

Feb. 11th (Thurs.)

12-5 PM

Feb. 12th (Fri.)

12-5 PM

Feb. 13th (Sat.)

12-5 PM

Feb. 16th (Tues.)

12-5 PM

Feb. 17th (Wed.)

12-5 PM

Feb. 18th (Thurs.)

12-5 PM

Feb. 19th  (Fri.)

12-5 PM

Feb. 20th (Sat.)

1-4 PM

The Black History Exhibit is sponsored by a collaboration of community partners:  Ruah Community Outreach, Inc., Parent Partners Providing for the Education of Young Children, the JTS Art Gallery, the City of Antioch, and the Arts & Cultural Foundation of Antioch.  

Photo are from past exhibits.
Click here to view full gallery.