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Board Members


 2014-15 Officers & Board Members

 President: Donald Freitas 1st Vice President: Dave Brink | 2nd Vice President: Theresa Court
: Michele Copeland | Treasurer: Bob Martin | Past President: Laura Jacques

Eddie Beaudin | Bill Fraga | Phyllis Hiebert | Joanne Bilbo | Elizabeth Rimbault | Barbara Harris | Judy McCuish
Tom Menasco | Eleanor ODonnell | Earline Lanter | Wayne Harrison | Mary Jean Brink | Ken Gray

Historical Consultant
: Charles Bohakel  | Gazette Editor:  Marcy Del Pozo Cross

2012-13 Board of Directors


2011-12 Board of Directors

Front L-R: Liz Martin, Eleanor O'Donnell, Laura Jacques, Alice Beede, Sharon Beswick, and Joanne Bilbo.
Back L-R: Eddie Beaudin, Judy McCuish, Bill Fraga, Jim Lanter, Dave Brink, Jim Boccio, Sally Massey, Tom Menasco, and Bob Martin.
Absent:  Theresa Court, Bruce Hiebert, Phyllis Hiebert, Elizabeth Rimbault, and John Slatten.

Founding Board Member: Tom Costello - September 29, 1939 February 23, 2011

The Antioch Historical Society Needs YOU!
For information on how you can join the historical society and become a part of history in the making, call Phyllis Heibert at 925.757-7786.

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