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Antioch Historical Society Founding Board Member
Tom Costello
September 29, 1939 – February 23, 2011


Tom Costello, along with his wife Bari, was a founding member of the Antioch Historical Society and a current board member, VP of the Friends of Roswell Butler Hard House, Rivertown Preservation Society Founding Member and more. Together Tom and Bari have supported the Historical Society for many, many years. 

Tom was an outdoorsman who generously gave his time and energy back to a community he loved. He was a founding member and current board member of the Antioch Historical Society, member of the Antioch Rivertown Preservation Society, the California Striped Bass Association and an Honorary "Jack of all trades" of the Women's Club of Antioch. Tom loved the outdoors, fishing and had a passion for the Delta. 

Tom is survived by his wife of 44 years, Bari, son David and daughter-in-law Marie, and two grandchildren; his sister Patricia Costello, nieces and nephews and many countless friends.  

A measure of man is who he leaves behind. Reprinted below is a portion of Dave Costello's tribute to the fine man that was Tom Costello.


Funerals and services are sometimes sad and sometimes not so sad. I always said I wanted our family services to be a celebration of life. Easier said than done. I always said when it was time for you to go that I wanted to be prepared, rather than sudden. You don't always get what you want. And I always shied away from death because I reject death, but death doesn't reject us. You were here and now you are gone.

I miss you already. The rock of our family. I always knew I could call you to bounce ideas off of you and get the straight answer. Sometimes I wanted the comfort answer, but I always got the direct truth. I always knew I could ask you how to fix something or do something related to the outdoors and knew one day, I'd run out of time. I knew that those camping trips that we missed would cause time regret some day. I knew it. I knew that one day I would be stuck trying to pull a fifth wheel and wouldn't have you to call. That's life for you....happiness blended with regret.

And when I'd come across your pictures in our home, or tell the kids stories about growing up, it was great. It was great to have a grandpa in their lives. I'll always miss the "How you doing Mateo?" the special love you had for your girl Olivia..."your sweetie" or "Livy" as you warmly called her. You also cared for Marie...accepted her into our family and had a nice relationship with her for 22 years. But of course, your true companion was the "Momster." You relied on her and she relied on you. You were her rock too, no sorry, her boulder and she was yours as well. It was great to see. From the kisses when you left the house to the support you gave each other during daily life occurrences. Of course, rock is an understatement as you were always strong from your caves to the muscle above your elbow to the way you handled day to day life.

 When events like this happen to someone, people often say that their lives flash in front of them, but for some reason, all I could think about was that Cabo trip we took together years back....Why, because I realize that was your heaven. You were always the leader in organizing trips and that was terrific to see. But that Cabo trip was special, as it was my opportunity to spend some time in your heaven with you. You took great pride in taking me there after I finished business school and we really had a great time together. But that was you...very generous and giving with what you had.

And, on that trip, I learned the great appreciation about catch and release. So today we obey God's desire and your wish. We caught you for 71 years and we will now release you to your new home...The Delta. And while the Delta isn't exactly is where you belong. At home, near home, in peace and in your great outdoors.

Enjoy the rest of your life as you will always be alive within mine. ....and while I didn't always say it along the way, I say it now...."I will forever love you Dad." Dave

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